• Top technical products
    Top technical products
  • High-end products for repair and maintenance
    High-end products for repair and maintenance
  • Auxiliary tools for industry
    Auxiliary tools for industry
  • Premium quality
    Premium quality
  • Professional service and consulting
    Professional service and consulting
  • Wide product range
    Wide product range

TTP Polska

Welcome to TTP Polska, the sole sales representative of Top Technical Products Autonomic Group, which offers high-end products for repair and maintenance, as well as auxiliary tools for various industries. We provide professional services for this industry via our representatives around Poland and the European Union.




A company with considerable experience, setting new standards in the field of auxiliary agents and tools for maintenance of machines and devices. Our sales experience has allowed the company to rapidly build a leading position among distributors of technical items for industry. The major industry facilities in Poland constitute our client base.

Our experience and reliability are appreciated by global producers of industrial chemistry and auxiliary tools, and this means that we can attract the very best to manufacture for us.

Professionalism, competence and cooperation with manufacturers from Poland, UK, Switzerland, Italy and Germany has expanded our product range to answer the specific needs of our clients. Products developed with our help provide maximum protection and minimize operational costs; plus, working with our tools is a real pleasure.

The specific nature of our operations involving cooperation with professional groups, as well as our experience define our team as a company that is acutely aware of the product quality and technical support that our representatives deliver to our clients. Our representatives act swiftly and professionally; we strive to solve the most complex issues connected with maintenance in both large and small production facilities. In cooperation with the leading chemical and tool-making manufacturers, we import customized products to solve our client’s specific issues.

Our product range also answers the needs of logistic companies, hotels, service companies and centres, etc.