Company Policy

TTP Polska Sp. z o.o.
Top Technical Product AG

Our vision:
To be a leading supplier of auxiliary materials for the repair and maintenance of machines and devices on the European market. To do our utmost so that our clients may associate our brand with the highest quality, professionalism, occupational health and safety, and environment protection in conformity with international standards.

Our mission:
Guarantee of professional service with professional products of the highest quality, manufactured in cooperation with our clients.
In order to achieve our goals we follow some simple rules:

  • Product quality is strictly connected with the client and the client’s needs; we satisfy them thanks to investments in the development of infrastructure and access to modern production technologies.
  • Service quality means building the best possible relations between our co-operators and clients on the basis of open communication. “The company’s success is the team’s success” — this is the rule we follow, supporting it with consistent up-skilling.
  • Safety quality is achieved via the rule of implementing our products according to all safety standards.
  • Process quality means the perfection of all operations connected with corporate culture. These are the foundations that secure customer satisfaction and ensure that we meet all requirements.

The team is responsible for executing the above policy, which means ensuring conformity with legal requirements and other applicable rules of running a professional company.