We manufacture our products with the use of the highest quality formulas provided by renowned chemical concerns from Poland and abroad. Experience in direct cooperation with product users allows us to consistently develop and master production quality. Focus on our clients sets the bar for improving our products, together with the development of our technical infrastructure. Our formulas are based on close cooperation with technical departments, and consistent quality control ensures that we maintain the highest standards.



We deliver a wide range of ready-made products that satisfy the most demanding clients. Our production plant offers excellent capacity and capability.

- Aerosols, vol. 150–750 ml

- Various ready-made lubricants

- Canisters, barrels, bottles, vol. 0.5–1,000 l

The processes of manufacturing of ready-made products are subject to the strictest quality assurance standards.



Our warehouse space offers full logistical capability for fast and efficient customer service. We operate on the basis of an optimised warehouse system — starting from stock planning, and ending with shipments to clients in Poland and abroad. One principle is sacred — EVERY ORDER IS URGENT! Owing to this, our shipments reach clients rapidly and efficiently. The safety of shipments is secured by professional packaging, following the highest standards.