Part No. PRBcl


F-2 HIT PROBOND clear is a new technology for adhesive bonding and sealing using a mix of hybrid polymer compounds. F-2 HIT PROBOND clear  combines advantages of installation, polyurethane, acrylic, butyl adhesives and adhesives for wood, silicones, sanitary silicones, acrylates and sealants based on butyl rubbers. F-2 HIT PROBOND clear is a single-component mass featuring fast boding and superb adhesion that does not require surface priming. It is resistant to UV radiation and the build-up of bacteria and fungi. F-2 HIT PROBOND clear establishes shrink and vibration resistant joints, and retains its elasticity at all times, even at low temperatures. F-2 HIT PROBOND clear adheres to smooth and porous surfaces and is entirely paintable.



Automotive: joining body components, adhesive bonding of spoilers and their parts. Underwater sealing — may be used on wet surfaces. Possibility of adhesive bonding of various materials (metal, primed, varnished, and galvanised surfaces, aluminium, wood and the majority of plastics).
Sanitary and heating: as a sealant and filler, even on wet surfaces. Fully resistant to UV radiation, bacteria, fungi and neutral to acrylates. Thanks to its high elasticity, F-2 HIT PROBOND clear may be used in numerous other applications.
Construction: adhesive bonding of insulation materials (does not dissolve foamed polystyrene), as an installation adhesive for floor coverings, front panes, roof sealings, gutters, bricks, concretes, gypsum boards, etc.
Other applications: adhesive bonding of mirrors, decorative elements (wooden, metal, plastic) and insulating elements in refrigerating engineering, signs and signboards, adhesive bonding and sealing of tanks.

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