Part No. PRF3012



PRO STRIPFIX is non-solvent, synthetic, sensitive to compression, rubber-resin adhesive and sealant. It is designed for the adhesive bonding of various materials and substrates, on the condition that the adhesive bonding is established between clean, dry and non-porous surfaces. PRO STRIPFIX may be consistently submerged in water without any loss of adhesive and sealant properties. It should not be used in vertical assembly connections, in combination with solvents or plastic materials, and also in locations where there is a possibility of exposure to direct UV radiation. PRO STRIPFIX is delivered in rolls on paper substrate, wider than the adhesive film, in order to facilitate application. It may be applied directly from the roll onto dry, clean and grease-free surfaces.



Adhesive bonding of prefabricated construction panes with frames. Sealing ends and side edges of profiled boards, humidity resistant membranes. Adhesive bonding of movable elements with concrete. Adhesive bonding of polyethylene boards. Fixing shower panes in place for screwing them into frames (at the same time serving as a sealant). Fixing car windows. Fixing rubber mats and linings. Fixing boards, signs, etc. Fixing furniture gussets. Fixing materials to wooden elements in window shutter rollers. Adhesive bonding of aluminium with wood. Fixing laminated frames, decorations. Fixing external roof panes of caravans.


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